Marmedsa Bemarine

Following the Strategic Plan 2012-2015, Noatum entered into the Algerian market becoming a relevant shareholder of Bemarine SARL, a prestigious shipping and logistics Algerian company founded in 1998. The company has been renamed as Marmedsa Bemarine SPA.

Nowadays Marmedsa Bemarine is present in all Algerian ports which allows us to give a complete coverage of the Algerian market.

Our human team in Algeria is composed by 60 skilled professionals. All of them report to the local management and to the Marmedsa Spanish Headquarters.

Set up characteristics

  • Network of 8 offices covering all Algerian ports.
  • 54 professionals including a group of 17 waterclerks working 24/7.
  • All the offices and teams work with the same procedures and systems.
  • Accurate and on time reporting of the vessels and cargoes status to Principals and Customers.
  • The company enjoys more than 30 years of professional performance and has achieved a full recognition and excellent rapport with Port and Custom Authorities.
  • The management is considered as a leading members of the shipping and logistic sectors in the Country.